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October 18, 2013


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When you arrived on Earth with your father, you were surprised to see all manner of chaos. There were skulls and bones and paintings if things that humans found scary. Some of them even you found frightening. There were orange things that your father said were called pumpkins, but some of them had faces carved. Humans were walking about in strange clothing. Or, to be more precise, stranger than usual. And children threatened strangers in exchange for sweets, which they quickly gave up in fear if being "tricked" as they worded it.

Your father stopped a woman who was wearing white wings, which must have belonged to some majestic bird that she killed, along with a dress that seemed to be made from the rest of its pelt. "You there. Woman. Why do the humans act so strangely? Have you become savages? Has battle caused you all to revert to the ways of your forefathers?"

For a moment, the woman simply stared at him. "Nice costume, dude." she said finally. "Good luck with the role-playing thing. Happy Halloween." After saying that, she simply walked away.

"What's Halloween?" you asked your dad, curious. "And why'd she say 'happy'? This doesn't look happy. It looks scary."

"I do not know what this Halloween is, ___." your father admitted. "But, humans have strange customs. Perhaps this is some sort of ritual. A day of fear, so they may remain brave through all the other days."

You nodded, figuring it made sense. "Maybe Mommy can tell us about it." you said, smiling. After all, you were here to see her. She lived here on Earth, so she could do her research stuff and be with her friends. But, you lived in Asguard with your father because it was safer and he could protect you. So, as often as you could, you and your father would come to visit her.

"That is a most wondrous idea!" your father boomed, lifting you up to ride on his shoulders. You giggled, looking around at the sights as you walked to your mom's apartment. Once there, you insisted on knocking on the door.

When your mother opened the door, her hair was pulled back in a messy ponytail and she was wearing sweats -a name you'd learned last time you were on Earth for the warm, comfortable clothing. "Thor! ___!" she cried excitedly as she wrapped her arms around you both. "You picked a perfect day to come. Happy Halloween!"

"Hello, Jane." your dad said. He kissed her on the lips, making you giggle. "Perhaps you can tell us more about this Halloween?"

"Yea, of course." she said, heading inside. She sat on the big couch and you climbed onto her lap. "People say Halloween is a time when the spirit of the dead can come back from the land of the spirits. Of course, not everyone believes that. For most people, it's a day where you can dress up and celebrate. They don't remember that the first people were celebrating the spirits of their family returning for the night. But, it's still a fun day. All the kids go trick-or-treating and-"

"What's trick-or-treating?" you asked, looking up curiously at your mom.

"That's where you go to people's houses and ask them for candy. And if they don't give you any, you get to pull pranks on them. Stuff like throwing eggs or toilet paper on their houses. Or spraying shaving cream or silly string."

"This sounds like a wondrous holiday!" your dad said, grinning. "Full of mischief and fun."

Your nodded. "I wanna go trick-or treating!" you said, smiling brightly. "Please, Mommy? Can I?"

"Sure." your mom said, getting up with you in her arms. "But you need a costume first." she carried you to her bedroom and went into one of the drawers. She pulled out a few of her old costumes which, since you weren't much shorter than her, would fit you without much trouble. "What do you want to wear, Sweetie?"

"I dunno..." You said, looking through them. You picked out a few pieces of each, not caring much that they didn't match. A tie-die top with fake blood on it, a pink tutu with tights, butterfly wings that were held on with straps around your arms and a halo attached to a headband. "Tada!" you said, showing your parents once it was all on.

"I like that costume very much." your father said, hugging you.

"You look adorable." your mom said, joining in the hug. "You ready to go, then?"

"Yea!" you smiled excitedly, one parent on either side, holding your hands as you headed out for your first Halloween.
Finally got this monstrosity done! And, yes, I'm talking about the fact that I finally, FINALLY, have a longer story. XD

It actually wasn't meant to be so long, but inspiration struck as I realized that Thor and his daughter wouldn't know what Halloween was. And, I had a reason for you being on Earth combined with the reason why your mom isn't really mention. So, yay~!

I don't own you or Thor.
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